A New Quilt Shop

Last week I happened to be in New Hampton, IA on opening day of the new quilt shop, Addicted 2 Stitchen. I have done business in the past with the owner, Patrice Schwickerath Schilling, so I decided to stop in and say hello! Her shop was buzzing with lots of folks and I asked her if I could take a few photos. She said yes, and wanted to make sure that we included her family because of their hard work, dedication and support they have given her for this new business.The photo was taken in front of her americana fabrics because these are one of her favorite collections.I chatted with Patrice a bit in regards to how long she had been planning this. You see, this all happened very fast and it was one of those decisions in life that we just do without to much planning. I sensed she opened her own business because of her love of sewing, it felt like it was the right time in her life and she had the encouragement of her family.Her family and friends have spent many long days and and many hours working to open up this shop as soon as they could. I was told, this gal at the cutting station did most of the painting and decorating and you can tell, buy the way it turned out, she is gifted in that area!Let me show you around the shop, so you can see what she all has! There is a nice assortment of notions, basting and stabilizer supplies and thread in any color you may need. The fabrics in the photo are tone on tone prints, stripes and some beautiful fall browns and greens. I am thinking they would make a pretty quilt for this time of the year.Here are her Christmas fabrics. Beautiful prints, large and small scale, modern and traditional, darks and lights. I saw there were also some panel fabrics to make a quilt or wall hanging with. This has been recent trend we are seeing more of so we can complete a project in a short amount of time. Another trend she has available here is Christmas prints or words on a black background. I know, that just seems wrong if you are a traditional quilter, but these fabrics have a modern feel to them and really are beautiful when incorporated with other fabrics.In this photo you can see how the shop is laid out and the size of it, I am standing at the front looking to the back. Patrice has a lot of ideas as far as what she will be adding to the store. Her priority at this time was to get the doors open, so every time you visit she will have new fabric and notions for you.This area is the back of the store where she will have classes in the future. She has a couple of beautiful quilts displayed, patterns and supplies to make a hexagon quilt if that is on your bucket list.Look what else she has, tractor panels and fabric. Here in northeast Iowa we have many tractors for function in our farming communities and we have many restored old tractors. Here you can pick your color for your favorite tractor owner and make then a quilt. Our family has two restored Oliver tractors at our home and on the farm they have New Holland, but she also has colors for the orange and red owners too!So if you are looking to visit a new quilt shop, or passing through New Hampton, Iowa, be sure to stop in and say Hi to Patrice. She would love to help you find what you are looking for. The shop is located at 17 West Main street and if you have any questions, contact Patrice on her Facebook page!

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      You will have to stop in, the shop is on the north side of main between the Mexican Restaurant and the Chamber office.

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