Apple Picking Time!

Here in the midwest it is apple time! Many folks around here have their own apple trees and are busy making pies, crisp, sauce, butter and so on. We are also giving our extra apples away so they don’t go to waste, usually to family, friends and neighbors. At our place we have 2 trees, golden delicious and cortland and some years yield better than others depending on the weather. This year the cortland is doing better than the other one, we will see what happens next year!
So what about an apple quilt, that is what we are calling Jolene’s latest one!Jolene and her family were invited to a family wedding that was to be held at an apple orchard. Her initial plan was to make the couple a quilt using their wedding colors, but she was unable to find something she liked. A friend of hers suggested making a quilt with an apple theme and she thought this was a great idea!

She used the “Yellow Brick Road” pattern because it creates a beautiful quilt in a short amount of time. Jolene and many other quilters around here know this pattern well and when you are short on time this is a great go to pattern. All of the fabrics she used were found at Quilter’s Garden in Cresco, Ia, Jolene works in this town so it is very convenient for her. She said, The owner, Katie was “super helpful” in working with with me in the fabric selection. I personally like the inner red border Jolene chose to frame to inner quilt from the border, she is able to notice a need for changes to a quilt pattern based of the fabrics used.
She also liked that the blocks in this pattern are large enough to show off the words and the prints in the fabric she choose. If the quilt was made with smaller pieces you would not be able to see this.

Jolene picked out the pantograph Fluffy and a cream thread for the quilting as she felt the quilt was busy enough with the prints and words, I agree. Here on the backing that matches the front fabric, you can see the quilting.
They attended the wedding that was held at the Rapid Creekevent center near the Wilson’s Orchard, located near Iowa City, IA, which they said both are very beautiful.

Jolene works full time at an office along with operating their farm. She enjoys gardening, sewing and reading in her spare time. She has been quilting for about ten years and finds it very relaxing after working all day especially during our midwest winters. This quilt is a wonderful gift for her husband’s nice and her new husband!

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