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During our visit at the Iowa State Fair we stopped to chat with Janice, who owns Sassy Stitches. We have been in contact with her since the American Girl doll became popular. She designs her own patterns, creates outfits and then sews them for the dolls. Our daughter Gene Anne has two American Girl dolls, which have since been stored away. Our other daughters had mainly Barbies with a few other types of dolls because the American Girl dolls became popular when they were older. All 3 of the girls took care of their dolls, with the exception of maybe one or two Barbie hair cuts!

We went through many Barbie outfits, shoes, cars and accessories, but I feel we did not over do it with our purchases. Our concern with the American Girl dolls is that the doll and all the other items you can purchase to go with them are significantly more costly, this is how we came to know Janice.

Janice created her company, Sassy Stitches, years ago in which she sews and sells doll clothes, matching outfits for your special girl and doll, accessories and furniture! She has everything from dresses, pajamas, shoes, necklaces, hats, sleeping bags, garment bags, beds, bunk beds, racks, armoires, etc. She also provides private and group sewing lessons, tea parties ($8/per child) and ladies night out! Tea parties include treat seats, cups and saucers just for dolls to use during your party. She is located near Des Moines, IA so we have not been able to go there, but we for sure find her at the fair. Gene Anne and her became buddies as Janice remembered her from year to year and Gene Anne was able to get one or two outfits from her.

The clothes are sewn on Janice’s regular sewing machine at home, but at the fair, she is exhibiting under the heritage requirements in Pioneer Hall and sews on her treadle machine. If you look close at the top photo you can see it and I should have asked her about it, but I forgot.

The doll clothes she makes come complete with shoes and often a hat, jewelry or other accessories. They are all beautifully constructed and displayed.
Here is a dress she made displayed on a doll.Along with many other color options in the same style.Here is another sweet dress.Also this leather jacket and jean outfit was awesome!Does your doll need some matching bedding and a pillow? Well, Janice can make that too, how pretty.
Throughout the years we have ordered items from her that she posts on her page. Beautiful Christmas outfits, gymnastic, dance, cheer, sports and any other activity your child is in, she can make a matching out fit for the doll. When Gene Anne was active in Girl Scouts, I sent Janice fabric and she made a skirt and vest for the doll that matched what Gene Anne wore. That was a big deal for her!
So if you are wondering why we just didn’t order the clothes from American Girl, first of all, these are more cost effective. At the time and still today I feel that American Girl dolls and the items that go with them are over priced. Secondly, how neat is it that you can buy directly from someone who sews the items and that your daughter makes a connection with that person. So even though Gene Anne has outgrown dolls, we still make a point to stop and visit with Janice when we are at the fair, she really is a great person!

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